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Course Length - 40 Hours / 5 Days

  • 16 Hours - Classroom

  • 24 Hours - Practical   

This course is specifically tailored for law enforcement officers who transport offenders on a daily basis. This comprehensive training will address a wide variety of topics including transportation equipment, offender and vehicle procedures, high risk transport planning, risk assessments and holding area security. Students will be introduced and trained in weapons retention techniques for both the hand and long gun. A fast paced scenario and simmunition track will provide a realistic environment designed to improve officer and public safety.

Upon completion of this course, the attendee will be familiar with:

  • The general use of security restraints

  • The elements of the use of security restraints, including the EID belt and tether

  • Successfully demonstrate the proper application of security restraints and search procedures

  • Reasons an offender may be transported outside of a secure location

  • Authorized defensive weapons, equipment and restraints used when conducting a transport 

  • The responsibilities and procedures that are performed by law enforcement in transporting an offender outside of a secure location

  • How to correctly position offenders and law enforcement in a screened and unscreened vehicle for best security practices 

  • Practice sound security procedures during offender transportation to provide protection to the public, officials, medical personnel, co-workers and to prevent escapes 

  • Provide sound security practices when offenders are confined in holding areas, interview rooms, etc.

  • Complete an offender transport risk assessment, determining and assigning personnel and security equipment 

  • Planning and conducting a high risk transport 

  • Understand basic techniques for control and retention of both the handgun and long gun 

  • Properly respond to issues that may occur during transport 

  • Sample policy related to corrections transportation and security restraints

Student Equipment List 

  • Notebook and pen 

  • Comfortable clothing - long sleeve shirt and pants 

  • Eye protection 

  • Metal handcuffs and keys 

  • One set of the transportation equipment your department uses to transport one individual - leg irons, leather belt, etc. 

  • Holster for simmunitions pistol 

  • Flex cuffs and cutter 

  • Leather or work gloves for weapons retention training

Host Site Facilities 

  • Classroom 

  • Video and PowerPoint display 

  • Outside range area with approaches 

  • Outside or gym area to conduct weapons retention training

  • Transport vehicle - 2 (screened)

Provided Equipment 

  • Simmunitions safety gear, pistols, and ammo

  • Waist chains 

  • Waist belt leather 

  • Handcuffs non-hinged 

  • Handcuff key 

  • Leg iron 

  • Security box 

  • Tether 

  • Security sox

  • Spit sox 

  • Small padlock and key 

  • EID transport belt 

  • Red/blue gun (handgun)

  • Red/blue gun (shotgun)

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