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Course Length - 32 hours / 4 days

A dynamic cell extraction course designed to address the needs of both the correctional administrator and cell extraction team member. This training will apply both intermediate and advanced tactics related to the resolution of inmates refusing to comply with lawful orders to exit their cells. Additionally, this course will discuss the use of crisis intervention members to gain inmate compliance before force is utilized will also be examined in depth.

Students will be introduced to the use of force associated with cell extraction, three member compliance teams, individual team movement, chemical agent, less lethal and equipment overviews. Briefing – debriefing and completing proper cell extraction documentation will also be covered. The students will complete multiple force on force cell extractions and three man compliance exercises, which will improve and enhance their skill sets.


  1. Students will be introduced to the use of force associated with cell extraction and three member compliance teams.

  2. Identify staff responsibilities for cell extractions / three member compliance teams and their equipment.

  3. Describe the briefing procedures and its relationship to team member responsibilities.

  4. Conduct an inclusive debriefing and generate proper cell extraction documentation.

  5. Complete and / or critique a force on force cell extraction.

  6. Describe techniques utilized to gain inmate compliance without the use of force.


  • Law enforcement I.D.

  • Protective helmet

  • Body armor/cell extraction vest

  • Groin/neck protection

  • Chemical agent mask

  • Eye protection

  • Handcuffs/key with case

  • Leg irons

  • Suitable clothing for cell extraction training

  • Knee/elbow pads (recommended)

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