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Course Length - 40 hours / 5 days

This four-day course will address tactical applications involving emergency response team firearms. Instruction will consist of varying and progressively challenging shooting drills and standards, utilizing both primary and secondary weapons. Upon completion, the operator will have a thorough understanding of shooting fundamentals, mechanics and enhanced skills, tactical movement and engaging multiple targets from a variety of firing positions.


  1. The safety rules for the handling of firearms and the principles of tactical shooting

  2. Loading, unloading, drawing, clearing malfunctions and accurately firing the tactical pistol

  3.  Loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions and accurately firing the long gun

  4. Firing the tactical pistol / long gun on the move accurately

  5. Performing all range drills with the tactical pistol / long gun

  6. Score 80% on all range qualifications; complete all required standards drills in the allotted time frames

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