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Course Length - 40 Hours / 5 Days

This 5 day progressive weapons course covers the proper employment of both primary (tactical shotgun) and secondary (handgun) systems in both a lethal and non-lethal status. This course includes intensive instruction for the corrections operator who has a basic understanding of both weapons systems. This hybrid course also reviews issues related to the use of non-lethal force, in that correctional operators may enter a situation prepared to utilize deadly force but it is more likely a less-lethal application may occur.

Topics Covered 

  • Firearms safety 

  • Equipment/weapons lecture 

  • Tactical shooting principles 

  • Shooting on the move 

  • Live fire drills

  • Transitioning to less than lethal operations 

  • Target discrimination 

  • Shooting positions

  • Tactical training mindset

  • Specialty impact munitions 

  • Live fire flat range qualification and standards 

  • Enhanced weapons handling

Equipment List 

  • Law enforcement I.D. 

  • Emergency response team uniform 

  • Soft cap with brim 

  • Boots 

  • Tactical vest (load bearing)

  • Duty belt with holster 

  • Drop pouch, shell carry pouch, side saddles or speed pouches (operators who utilize a tactical shotgun)

  • Wrap around eye protection 

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Ear protection 

  • Weapons cleaning gear 

  • Chemical agent mask with carrier 

  • Personal first aid kit 

  • Single point sling 

  • Wet weather gear (recommended)

  • Light mount for weapons (recommended)

  • Primary weapon 

  • Secondary weapon 

  • 1,000 rounds pistol ammunition 

  • 500 rounds primary weapon ammunition 

    • Rifled slug ​

  • Three pistol magazines or speed loaders ​

  • 10 rounds specialty impact munitions 

  • Personal hydration 

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