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2019 Mock Prison Riot Recap

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Mock Prison Riot (Moundsville, West Virginia)

Train Together 

Fight Together 

Survive Together

DATE:  Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

TIME: 1500

LOCATION: North Yard

DESCRIPTION - The C2 TTC/MPR Iron Operator Challenge is an individual physical fitness competition consisting of the following events:

Event #01 - Bench Press (body weight for repetitions)

Event #02 - Weighted Carry / Tire Flip

Event #03 - Towel Hang 

Each event will have its own unique scoring system. A description of each event to include scoring procedure is as follows:

Event #01 - Flat bench for repetitions (body weight)

  1. You will be weighted one day prior to the event. This weight will be rounded up to the closest 5lb increment. 

  2. A warm up period will be provided. 

  3. The lifter must lie on his/her back with shoulders and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface. 

  4. His/her hands may grip the bar with a "thumbs around" grip or a thumb-less grip; a reverse grip is not allowed. 

  5. His/her shoes must be flat on the floor. This position must be maintained throughout the repetitions. 

  6. The head may be raised off the bench or move during the event. 

  7. In order for a repetition to count, the bar must be pressed to the full extension of the arms. 

  8. Heaving or bouncing the bar off the chest is not allowed. 

  9. The event staff will demonstrate the proper technique prior to the competition and will provide spotters. 

Event #02 - Weighted Carry / Tire Flip (90 seconds)

  1. The event will begin by grasping two weighted containers. 

  2. The participant will carry the containers a designated distance, placing them in a designated area. 

  3. The participant will retrieve a weighted dummy and move it to a designated area. 

  4. The participant will move to the tire and flip it the remainder of the designated time. 

Event #03 - Towel Hang 

  1. The event will begin by placing two hands on two hand towels placed over a pull up bar. 

  2. The participant will grip both ends of each towel. 

  3. The time will begin when both feet are freely hanging. 

  4. Time will end when one or both feet touch the floor. 

  5. Wrapping of the towel around one or both hands is not allowed. 

  6. Event staff will demonstrate proper technique prior to the competition. 


Event #01 Bench - each rep is worth one point 

Event #02 Weighted Carry / Tire Flip - each tire flip is worth one point 

Event #03 Towel Hang - each full fifteen seconds is worth five points 

Participant weigh-ins will be conducted at the C2 TTC booth between 0800 and 1300 on Tuesday, May 7th. 

A pre-competition meeting will be conducted: time and location TBA

Each event will be demonstrated to include the scoring system. 


C2 would like to thank all participants and their agencies for competing in the 2019 Iron Operator Challenge held at the Mock Prison Riot! There was a total of 25 individuals from 12 different agencies, including one international competitor from Speer (Singapore). 

Award Winners

  • First Place - Glock 43 by C2 TTC / MT Arms LLC

    • Ty Campana - FCI-Elkton, Ohio​

  • Second Place - Gear bag by LBT​

    • David Sunderland - Franklin County Jail, Pennsylvania  ​

  • Third Place - Tactical knife by BenchMade ​

    • Robert Creatore - FCI-Elkton, Ohio​

  • Fourth Place - Backpack by LBT​

    • Spencer Glad - Utah DOC, Utah​

Participating Agencies

  • Franklin County Jail, Pennsylvania 

  • Indiana DOC, Indiana 

  • Utah DOC, Utah 

  • Onondaga County, NY

  • Northampton County Prison, Pennsylvania

  • FCI-Elkton, Ohio

  • FCI-Butner, North Carolina 

  • Charlotte County, Florida 

  • Kentucky DOC, Kentucky 

  • Michigan DOC, Michigan

  • Santa Clara County, California 

  • Speer, Singapore


An in-depth look at current techniques utilized in forced cell moves to include new procedures that lessen use of force occurrences.

This workshop will identify best practices as related to intervention teams and compliance teams prior to forced cell moves. When implemented correctly, these procedures can effectively reduce use of force occurrences, staff injuries, and overall liability. It will also review new American Correctional Association standards directly related to cell extraction and compliance teams. 


COST: Free with Mock Prison Riot registration fee



COST: Free with Mock Prison Riot registration fee

This workshop is directed towards correctional administrators and team leaders. 


Agencies, cell extraction programs, corrections tactical teams: no matter how big or small, unfortunately all operate inside their own bubble at all times. This bubble can open your agency to significant risk. Not only is it important to be aware of what the national standard is on a particular tactic or piece of equipment, but how it is being utilized in similar agencies. Our challenge to you is to get outside your bubble. 

Best practice and national standard assessments, either developed by yourself or conducted by an outside entity, can be invaluable. 

These assessments are intended to provide agencies the necessary verification and protection from litigation for tactical programs in today's world, and to identify strengths in performance as well as areas of concern. 

The goal of such reviews is to to enhance the capability and professionalism of the agency and its tactical teams. 

Talking Points:

  • National standards compliance 

  • Tactics 

  • Three member compliance 

  • Policy & procedures 

  • Lesson plans

  • Equipment 

  • Leadership 

  • Organization & structure 

  • Firearms 

  • Less lethal 

  • Documentation requirements 

  • Performance related tasks  

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