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Course Length - 40 hours / 5 days 

An intense 5 day course utilizing tactics developed from both law enforcement and the military. This corrections CQB / building entry course will give an officer new to a tactical team or a veteran member a working understanding of the core skills related to building entry, critical firearms manipulation, weapons retention and mindset. A large part of this course will be devoted to hybrid tactics related to less than lethal technologies utilized during CQB in a corrections environment.

Note: This course is offered as live fire based upon training site availability

Topics Covered

  • Firearms safety 

  • Use of force policy review 

  • Equipment lecture 

  • Live fire shoot-house procedures

  • Close quarters battle (CQB) basic 

  • Mechanical breaching 

  • Multiple entry points 

  • Movement to an objective 

  • Transitioning to less than lethal operations 

  • Sims

  • Diversionary devices 

  • Surreptitious entry techniques 

  • Hallways and stairs 

  • Mission planning

Equipment List 

  • Law enforcement I.D. 

  • Emergency response team uniform 

  • Soft cap with brim

  • Boots 

  • Ballistic vest (load bearing)

  • Duty belt with holster 

  • Ballistic helmet 

  • Drop pouch, shell carry pouch, side saddle, or speed pouches (operators who utilize a tactical shotgun)

  • Wrap around eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Weapons cleaning gear

  • Chemical mask with carrier

  • Personal first aid kit

  • Single point sling 

  • Wet weather gear

  • Light mount for weapons (recommended)

  • Primary entry weapon

  • Secondary entry weapon

  • Three pistol magazines or speed loader

  • Personal hydration

  • 250 rounds pistol ammunition

  • 500 rounds primary weapon ammunition

  • 25 rounds specialty impact munition

  • Three rifle or SMG magazines (operators who utilize)

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