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Despite sometimes legitimate concerns about the effects of placing armed school resource officers (SROs) in our schools, the reality is that having these officers on a school's campus can literally save lives or prevent unnecessary tragedy. 

Unfortunately, there are no national standards and in many cases, no state standards for school resource officer training. This means that there is little consistency in how SROs are prepared to work in schools. 

C2 can assist school districts by providing SRO training, or by conducting security risk assessments for campus buildings and grounds. SRO training is related to the following topics:

  • Tactical handgun 

  • Handgun qualifications courses 

  • Handgun retention techniques

  • Less than lethal (O.C.)

  • Restraint techniques 

  • Active shooter response 

  • Deescalation skills 

  • Train the trainer 

SRO training and security risk assessments can be tailored to fit your school district's individual needs. Please contact us via the Request for Information form. 

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