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C2 tactical training at any level or topic is the most credible, cost effective training in the tactical community.

The use of active or recently retired corrections professionals as instructors or assessors makes our courses that much better.

Submission of a request for information or training host packet will initiate the process.

An agency/facility may complete C2 training by either of the following methods:

Closed Course

The requesting agency/facility hosts the training by providing the facilities to include training sites, ranges and appropriate classrooms. All course information will be kept confidential. 30 days out from the course an invoice will be sent to the host. This invoice must be paid prior to the course being completed. An estimate of approximate cost will be delivered upon request. All training slots will be filled by the host agency/facility or it’s designates.

A complete roster must be received by C2 prior to the course start date.

Open Course

The requesting agency/facility co-hosts the course by providing training sites, ranges and appropriate classrooms. The co-host also assists in the advertisement of the training course to be conducted by e-mails and contacting facilities that may be interested etc. If the class fills to capacity an additional free slot will be provided to the host agency/facility. Pre-registration is required. The course information will be placed on C2’s web site along with other corrections tactical sites.

C2 handles all registrations and collects all payments. Course costs are developed on a per student basis.


Submission of this application will start the process.

Becoming a host training site requires your agency/facility to provide suitable facilities, training areas and firing ranges if necessary. These requirements may be different from course to course. We can work with you to deliver the best course possible.

If you have any questions while completing this application. Please contact us directly, we will be glad to help you out.

Need more information before submitting your request? Fill out this form instead. 

Please indicate if your training site classroom is equipped with the following:

Please indicate if your training site range is equipped with the following:

Please indicate which of the following equipment you will be able to provide for the course:

Lodging Accommodations

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Your content has been submitted! We will be in contact soon!

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