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Course Length - 40 Hours / 5 Days 

A dynamic 5 day course designed around tactics from numerous correctional agencies. This course is fast paced, hands-on focusing on team formations, ranging from the largest to the smallest team. Utilizing various weapons systems from the riot baton to the tactical shotgun, the course of instruction will also include various less-lethal techniques into control formations.

Topics Covered

  • Equipment/weapons lecture 

  • Restraint and search techniques 

  • Distraction device usage 

  • Riot baton techniques 

  • Chemical munitions and deployment methods 

  • Specialty impact munitions 

  • Transitioning to less lethal operations 

  • Small/large team tactics 

  • Team formation live fire 

  • Live fire flat range qualification 

Equipment List

  • Law enforcement I.D. 

  • Emergency response team uniform 

  • Soft cap with brim 

  • Boots 

  • Tactical vest (load bearing)

  • Duty belt with holster 

  • Helmet 

  • Drop pouch, shell carry pouch, side saddles or speed pouches (operators who carry a tactical shotgun)

  • Wrap around eye protection 

  • Ear protection 

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Weapons cleaning gear 

  • Chemical mask with carrier 

  • Personal first aid kit 

  • Single point sling 

  • Wet weather gear (recommended)

  • Light mount for weapons (recommended)

  • Primary weapon 

  • Secondary weapon 

  • Riot baton 

  • Three pistol magazines or speed loaders 

  • Three rifle or SMG magazines (operators who utilize)

  • Personal hydration 

  • 250 rounds pistol ammunition 

  • 500 rounds primary weapon ammunition 

  • 10 rounds specialty impact munitions 

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