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As it relates to American Correctional Association, Corrections Tactical Team (CTT) standards and accreditation

The full team/program professional assessment includes a complete review of the facilities corrections tactical team (CTT). Areas evaluated include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • ACA standards compliance

  • Tactics

  • Policy & procedures

  • Equipment

  • Leadership

  • Training (documentation, lesson plans, instructors, records)

  • Organization & structure

  • Selection & retention

  • Firearms

  • Less lethal

  • Documentation requirements

  • Performance related tasks

The CTT professional assessment involves an in-depth review of documentation. During the on-site visit Assessment members will question team leadership and administrators to obtain information of their CTT team and how it reflexes to the ACA pertaining standards.  The evaluators may attend a team training session and present tasks/scenarios to be completed by the team. The ACA standards will be utilized as the benchmark in evaluation of the team/program.

Same as above, but a limited number, of pre-scheduled assessments will be conducted at MPR

  • Pre-scheduled

  • Conducted on site at WV MOCK PRISON RIOT

  • Provided at a reduced cost

  • All related documentation must be received 90 days in advance

  • Performance related tasks on site

  • May be scheduled prior, during or immediately after the MPR event

  • Contact WV Mock Prison Riot for further details

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